About Siesta Key Beach

✅ Location: Located between Roberts Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, within Sarasota County
✅ Area: Total area of 3.46 sq mi, including 2.34 sq mi of land and 1.12 sq mi of water
✅ Population: 5,454 (As of last census)
Siesta Key Beach, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is celebrated for its powdery white sand composed of 99% pure quartz, offering a unique, cool touch underfoot. This tropical paradise is not only famous for its stunning beaches but also for a variety of activities including biking, watersports, and wildlife viewing. With amenities like tennis courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas, it’s a perfect destination for both relaxation and adventure


Siesta Key is famous for its beautiful beaches, each offering a unique experience:

  • Siesta Beach: Known for its 99% pure quartz sand that stays cool underfoot, Siesta Beach is a popular destination for families due to its shallow waters near the shoreline and year-round lifeguard protection. It features a large playground, picnic areas, concession stands, and volleyball courts. Siesta Beach is also within walking distance of Siesta Key Village, hosting a variety of shops and restaurants.
  • Crescent Beach: Offers a more secluded setting compared to Siesta Beach, with limited parking but easy access from most places on the island. It’s famous for the “Point of Rocks,” a popular snorkeling spot with vibrant coral formations and colorful marine life.
  • Turtle Beach: Known for its sportier vibe, Turtle Beach has volleyball courts, a horseshoe pit, and a boat launch area. It’s a great spot for shell collectors and those interested in fishing, with fewer crowds compared to Siesta Beach.
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Siesta Key offers a variety of dining options, from local favorites to waterfront views:

  • The Orange Octopus: A local favorite for ice cream, coffee, and handcrafted treats, open daily.
  • Village Café: Offers a range of breakfast and lunch options, located close to souvenir shops.
  • The Lobster Pot: Provides a taste of coastal Maine with its seafood selections.
  • Summer House Steak and Seafood: A refined dining experience with hand-cut steak and seafood.
  • Siesta Key Oyster Bar: Known for its fun atmosphere and mouthwatering seafood options.

Outdoor Activities

For those who love the outdoors, Siesta Key has plenty to offer:

  • Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Explore the island’s beautiful waters and mangrove tunnels.
  • Biking and Hiking: Enjoy scenic trails and discover the island’s diverse flora and fauna.
  • Snorkeling at Point of Rocks: Experience the vibrant marine life and coral formations.
Outdoor Activities


Siesta Key’s nightlife is vibrant and varied, with something for everyone:

  • Siesta Key Nightlife: Offers a mix of exotic drum circles, laidback beachside restaurants, and popular bars like The Daiquiri Deck and The Beach Club. The Siesta Key Drum Circle is a unique event that meets about an hour before sunset every Sunday evening.
  • Downtown Sarasota Nightlife: For those willing to venture a bit further, downtown Sarasota offers clubs and bars like The Gator Club and Captain Curt’s Sniki Tiki Bar, along with a variety of nighttime activities including sunset views, arts events, and park visits.

Siesta Key Beach