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Crystal blue persuasion and emerald green waters...

Absolutely Gorgeous! - The water is crystal clear, the sand is finer than sugar, and the beach is a sultry tropical oasis.

The pure quartz sand is cool and white, charter boats are catching waves and tropical fish, the sun is shining and it's absolutely beautiful . One of the most beautiful beaches in the world as a matter of fact, Siesta Key Beach is Dr. Beaches (Stephan Leatherman's) #2 pick for top beaches of 2010 ! Check out our live views of Siesta Key Beach - looking West into the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico waters. Watch for wild birds including the beautiful blue and green parrots flying past the camera.

Many of Siesta Key's resorts are located right on the beach." Check out Siesta Key's Accommodations pages and "sea" for yourself (get it... ).

So come to Siesta Key to: