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Since 1991, the Sarasota Polo Club has been playing polo matches at one of the most beautiful settings in Sarasota. Every Sunday afternoon during season, the public is invited to bring out their picnic baskets and enjoy the thrill of the “fastest game on four feet”. With pony and Clydesdale wagon rides, exciting action, tailgating, half-time entertainment, divot stomping and plenty of fresh air, Sunday polo is the perfect place for a family outing; dogs are even welcome on a leash.

With 130 acres of perfectly manicured grounds, the Sarasota Polo Club boasts nine world-class polo fields and a regulation size arena. Polo leagues and tournaments ranging from 4 to 14 goal are played throughout the winter months. Located in the heart of Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Sarasota Polo Club offers easy access to two international airports and proximity to top-rated beaches and golf courses.

What: Sarasota Polo Matches
Where: Lakewood Ranch Polo Field. At the East end of University Parkway.(8201 Polo Club Lane) - (941) 907-0000
From outside of Sarasota: Take I-75 to Exit 213. Head east on University Parkway towards Lakewood Ranch (3.5 miles). Turn right on Lorraine Road, entrance to the Polo Club is second right.
When: Polo matches are every Sunday at 1:00 pm from December 16 – April 6. Gates open at 11:30 am.

Learn the language:

There are six chukkers (time periods) in a polo match, each one lasting seven minutes. Between each chukker, players change horses.

Divot Stomping
This activity involves spectators in the game. During halftime, spectators are invited to go onto the playing field to replace pieces of turf that have been dug-up by the horses.

Means that the same horse may be played again in a later chukker.

The polo field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide (10 acres). The goal posts have an eight-yard span.

Consists of four or six chukkers, depending on the number of available horses, the level of play, or the nature of the tournament.

When the ball crosses the line between the goal posts. The team's goal change each time a goal is scored.

Should a team, in an offensive drive, hit the ball across the opponents' backline, the defending team resumes the game with a free hit from their backline.
Near-Side Shot
Made from the left side of the horse. Near-side is the "back hand" of polo shots.

Neck Shot
A ball which is hit under a horse's neck from either side.

Occurs when two riders attempt to push each other off the line of the ball.

Tail Shot
Hitting the ball behind and under the horse's rump.

Third Man
A referee who sits off the field. If and when the two umpires on the field are in disagreement, the third man makes the final decision.

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