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8 foot tall Legoman mysteriously washes ashore

An 8 foot tall, 100-pound fiberglass man with a mysterious message “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE” emblazoned on his green shirt and wearing red pants washed ashore on Siesta Key Beach causing an international sensation. The Legoman story has been picked up by all of the national news agencies including CBS, and ABC News, and has been written up in the Huffington Post as well as the gadget blog Boing Boing.

A Dutch guerrilla artist named Ego Leonard (real name Leon Keer) might be behind this mystery since Ego Leonard appears on the back of the Legomans shirt along with the number 8. When contacted Leonard replied (as if he was the Lego man) by e mail “I am glad I crossed over. Although it was a hell of a [swim].” Ego had an exhibition called ‘No Real Than You Are’ in Amsterdam in 2008 in which he used Legomen in his exhibit. Keer was also the featured artist at the 2011 Sarasota Chalk Festival in October (Coincidence... I think not).

In August 2007, a different Legoman washed ashore in Zandvoort Netherlands bearing the number 9 wearing a blue shirt with red pants. In October 2008 another giant fiberglass Legoman mysteriously appeared in the surf off Brighton Beach, England wearing a green shirt and red pants.

Lego Police Man
2008 marked the 30th anniversary of the Lego man, who was originally made as a policeman in August 1978. Since then he has been recreated as an astronaut, cowboy, pirate and diver, and has starred in a number of film roles from Star Wars to Harry Potter.

According to an artist website, Leon Keer was born in 1970 and learned his craft through designing and producing big murals for multinationals such as Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Heineken, Red Bull, Evian, Remy Martin and Absolut Vodka and has executed commissions in the Netherlands, Germany, United States and Australia.

Coincidently a new Lego Land park officially opened in Winter Haven Florida on Saturday, October 15, 2011, 1 week before Legoman breached our award winning crystal white sands. The new Lego Land park attraction encompasses 145 acres and is the former Cypress Gardens amusement park. The gardens which Cypress Gardens was known for are maintained as part of the Legoland park. Lego has released a statement saying that the beached Lego man has nothing to do with the park, and that he is an "imposter."

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